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Title: Never Close Enough
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kymscrazy
Characters: Daniel Jackson and John Sheppard
Word Count: 495
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes you can never get close enough to make an impression.
Author's Notes: Ne told me to write this, so I am! It's completely canon (with some 'unshown scenes' tossed in) up to the first episodes of season 9 (SG1) and season 2 (SGA). Completely narrative and probably not what she had in mind, but hey. I WROTE IT. Also, first 'public' fic offering, usually I just write things for friends.

Daniel's first introduction to John Sheppard was right after he and Jack were nearly killed by an Ancient drone in Antarctica. He had an instant feeling of gratitude for John saving Jack's life, and a brief flare of attraction to the man's good looks, but that was it.

It was afterwards, when he and Elizabeth were trying to convince John to join the expidition that Daniel got a taste of John's wit and intellect. Every attempt was met with a concise and well thought out answer. There was nothing they could say that wasn't quickly shot down. Daniel was a bit surprised when he later found out that it was Jack who got the man to agree to go.

In the weeks afterward, he got a chance to speak with the major more often, explaining to him exactly what the Stargate was. They went over details, how things had progressed so far, even joked about the Goa'uld a bit. There were times when Daniel couldn't hide his jealousy that the other man was going when he was not, but after explaining it to John in a bit of a joking manner, the major had started to ignore it.

All thoughts of the pilot were put away after the expidition left, except for the occasional fantasy when he was home alone and lonely. That changed though, when they started getting reports from those in the Pegasus galaxy. Daniel claimed it was research and a need to get the whole picture when he was questioned about reading Sheppard's reports as well as the researchers'. In reality, he wanted to know about the man who seemed to be much more than he appeared.

John's wit and dry sense of humor came through on his reports. Yet, so did his commitment to the program and his team. Their narrow escapes and brushes with death reminded Daniel of SG-1, before they became jaded and started drifting apart. It made Daniel wish more and more that he had been able to go to Atlantis as well.

It was during his capture by the replicator Carter and his final visit with Oma that Daniel realised he had to start taking chances. Not life-ending chances or the ones that would save the world, but the emotional chances that he had been avoiding. He recognized that over the last year he had grown rather infatuated with the newly appointed Colonel Sheppard, and Atlantis was far removed from the all-seeing and prying eyes of the military. Even if nothing more than friendship came out of it, it was more than he had known recently. Jack's promotion and Sam's reassignment was the perfect opportunity to go to Atlantis.

Vala and Cameron screwed up any chance of that though. As he lay there in the infirmary, Daniel thought of what he was losing by staying on Earth, and he'd never disliked anyone more than he did those two at that moment.


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