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Title: We Don't Remember Davie Street
Fandom: NCIS: LA
Pairing: G/Sam, sort of-maybe preslash?
Words: 743
Rating: PG
Summary: Drunken nights in Vancouver
Author Notes: ...dude, they're so... I'm not giving it away. Will this become a series... probably.

There were few things that made Callen twitchy, especially at the office. One of those things was Hetty on a rampage. Another was Sam pissed at him. Then there were days like today, when everyone else in the office knew something that he didn’t, and he knew that they knew that he didn’t know what they knew. Callen knew something was up because Kensi kept smirking at him when she would walk by, Eric ran away laughing more than once and Dom looked at him with wide eyes before going someplace else.

The situation only grew worse when Sam finally made in, looking like he’d been up all night, followed by Nate who was quickly dragged off by Kensi. The part about not knowing that worried Callen the most was the fact that Hetty was nowhere to be seen. Well, that and the contemplative look Nate shot them as he walked back down the stairs from his talk with Kensi.

“Sam, are you seeing this?”

From the corner of his eye, Callen watched Sam’s head come up and those dark eyes quickly take in the scene on the stairs. “Yeah, G, I’m seeing it. What did you do?”

Callen turned to stare at Sam, mock hurt on his face. “What did I do? What makes you think it was something I did? It was probably something you did.”

He could practically feel Sam’s eye roll from the other side of the table. “If it was something I did, they would just tell me. Which means that it’s something you did.”

Callen’s retort was interrupted by Hetty’s arrival, and the curiosity about the wrapped gift in her hands was nearly overshadowed by the shock that she was late. Of course, he wasn’t about to not ask about the gift. “Hetty, did we forget someone’s birthday?”

He ignored the snort and the mumbling that possibly included the words ‘cat’ and ‘shiny things’ that came from Sam as he stood up and rounded the table to lean against it.

“You could say that Mister Callen,” Hetty said as she walked up to him. She looked up at him with a bright smile as she continued. “I know that the actual day was last week, so I hope you and Sam will forgive me for being late, but I only just found out yesterday. And since paper is the traditional gift, I felt that this would be appropriate,” Hetty said as she handed him the box.

“Hetty, paper is for first anniverseries,” Sam said, looking at the petite woman, confused. “Callen and I have been partners for a lot longer than that.”

Callen ignored the snickers, and Eric’s run for someplace else, as he opened the box. And then immediately slammed the lid shut again. “Is this some sort of joke, Hetty?”

“Oh, I assure you not, Mister Callen,” Hetty replied, smiling as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. “I double checked with the proper authorities and it’s quite real. And legally binding there.”

Callen’s mouth dropped open, and he didn’t even notice at first when Sam grabbed the box from his hands, but he definitely flinched when he was startled by Sam’s shout of ‘What the hell?!’. “This has to be a joke, Hetty. A very bad joke.”

Callen watched in horror as Kensi went the way of Eric, barely containing her hysterical laughter as she dragged the shocked Dom with her. “We’re not married!” he insisted.

“Let me refresh your memory, gentlemen. Last August, a case in Vancouver that ended with the two of you in a drinking contest with your Canadian compatriots, which led to the pair of you declaring your love in front of a rather amused minister on Davie Street.” Hetty’s lips were twitching, her mirth apparently barely contained.

Callen couldn’t say anything, in fact he was pretty sure his brain had overloaded and then headed for Mexico. The lack of movement at his side led him to believe that the same thing had happened to Sam.

“I can see that you two are shocked by this, and although it’s really not my field, I would be more than willing to help you both work through your feelings and accept this,” Nate informed the pair of them, the only person in the room able to keep a straight face.

Callen answered Nate by glaring and grabbing the framed marriage license from the box, just before he stalked out of the building.

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